“As a young girl my grandmother let me play with her jewelry collection. I was so fascinated with the pretty gemstones and all the shiny gold; a life long obsession was born.”

Dutch-born Laurien Kamphuis is the designer behind Huis Jewelry (pronounce: ɦœy̯s), a line of hand fabricated fine jewelry that combines gold and striking gemstones with bold, but elegant designs.

Laurien graduated with a Masters in Law, but ended up missing a creative outlet. When the chance arrived to move to the US for her husbands dream job, she decided to follow her own dream as well and enrolled in the Graduate Jeweler program at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.

Every piece is hand fabricated by Laurien and one of a kind. Made out of 14k and 18k gold and carefully selected gemstones in vivid colors. Laurien finds inspiration in timeless pieces, unexpected color combinations and the strong, confident and adventurous women she designs for.

“I’m a big advocate of wearing jewelry. Not only on special occasions, but every day. Just like everything in life, there is no real use in waiting for that one special moment or occasion. I adore the woman who brought out her big cocktail ring just because it’s Tuesday.”